Fraud committed by DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER in localbitcoin

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Bruce Neely an Scammer With Bitcoins . Be Careful
mayo 13, 2019
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Fraud committed by ERRICK DEMOND WILSON in localbitcoin
mayo 28, 2019

Fraud committed by DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER in localbitcoin

This image identifies the scammers online, in this case Daniel Lee Barber

Bitcoin scammer Daniel lee barber

The world of cryptocurrency attracts millions of people, most of them honest people, but others entered with the aim of swindling good people. they are swindlers or apprentices of these and it is the case of  DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER that uses the user in the well-known platform of exchange like babrebjames  that, according to what they informed us with the evidences that they sent us, deceived a user in localbitcoin that after that he sent him bitcoins, he  proceeded to claim from PayPal an unauthorized charge that stole the good user who trusted this bitcoin thief in this way. Below is the evidence of what was reported. You can see the charge in paypal and then the user who uses the scammer in localbitcoin with his name verified as DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER and more of his account suspended in the platform for the fraud committed

Scammer DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER with his user in local bitcoin

scammer, DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER, bitcoin


scammer, DANIEL JAMES LEE BARBER, user in localbitcoin

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